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Dashcam GPS repeater

Dashcam GPS repeater

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Enhance your Hivemapper dashcam experience with our GPS signal repeater. This device ensures that your dashcam maintains a strong and consistent GPS signal, even in areas where reception is typically weak or obstructed by the vehicle's structure.

Problem-Solving Design

The Hivemapper Dashcam GPS Signal receiver addresses common GPS signal reception issues that can occur due to metal coatings on windshields or other structural elements of a vehicle that interfere with signal strength. By amplifying the GPS signal, this repeater ensures that your Hivemapper dashcam captures consistent, accurate location data, essential for mapping and tracking routes without data gaps.


  • Tailored for Hivemapper: Works seamlessly with Hivemapper dashcams for reliable geotagging.
  • USB-Port GPS Receiver: Broad compatibility to support Hivemapper dashcams connected to smartphones.
  • Water Resistance: IP64 rating for splash-proof peace of mind in various weather conditions.
  • Magnetic Base Mounting: Effortlessly secure the receiver to your vehicle with a sturdy magnetic base.

Installation Guide

  1. Affix the receiver externally on the vehicle's trunk using the magnetic base to maximize GPS signal capture.
  2. Position the transmitter inside the vehicle, close to the dashcam, ensuring there are no metal barriers to hinder signal transmission.
  3. Connect the device to a power source with the included USB adapter, and you're set for an uninterrupted navigation experience.

Package Contents

  • 1 x GPS Signal Repeater Antenna Transmitter
  • 1 x Receiver for Hivemapper Dashcam


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