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Multi Mapping Splitter

Multi Mapping Splitter

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Maximize your Hivemapper dashcam capabilities with our Car Socket Splitter. This essential accessory allows simultaneous operation of multiple dashcams, perfect for comprehensive mapping coverage.

Efficient Power Management

Specifically designed for Hivemapper users, our Car Socket Splitter ensures efficient power distribution to multiple devices, allowing for a front and side dashcam setup without additional power sources.


  • Dual Dashcam Operation: Facilitates the use of two dashcams simultaneously for front and side faced mapping.
  • Hivemapper Compatibility: Seamless integration with Hivemapper dashcams.
  • Continuous Power Supply: Maintains constant power for long-duration mapping and data collection.
  • Compact Design: Keeps the car’s interior neat and free from wire clutter.

Safety first

The bottom of this splitter has a replaceable 7.5A automotive fuse. When the device is short-circuited, it will generate a momentary high voltage. After exceeding the current limiting voltage range, this product's built-in automotive fuse can timely cut off the current to protect the Hivemapper dashcams.

This Car Socket Splitter is the ideal solution for Hivemapper enthusiasts looking to extend their mapping reach by incorporating multiple cameras.

Package Contents

  • 1x Car Socket Splitter
  • 2x Replaceable 7.5A automotive fuse
  • 1x User Guide


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